Environmental Responsibility

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Sun Gro® Horticulture is the leader in sustainable peat resources. We endorse and support the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association’s definition of sustainable LinkClick-2peatland management as the “balanced stewardship of the environmental, social and economic values of Canada’s renewable peatland resource.”

Commitment to Renewable Peatlands

There are more than 270 million acres of peatlands in Canada. Of that, only 0.016 percent is harvested to help beautify our environment and grow millions of plants. Environmentally responsible peat moss industries such as ours restore peat bogs post-harvest to ensure they remain healthy and productive for years to come. Once harvest is complete, Sun Gro leaves a layer of natural peat to enable natural succession and actively pursues bog restoration.

Commitment to Peatland R&D

To better enable peat bog restoration efforts, Sun Gro supports research being conducted at Laval University, which has helped us better restore bogs so that they continue to grow and produce new peat. Sun Gro also works closely with the government and industry to find new ways to accelerate peat bog regeneration. In fact, the industry and government have contributed over $2 million in restoration research, such as the work being conducted by the Peatland Ecology Research Group. This has proved fruitful. New research in bog restoration indicates that regeneration can be shortened from thirty to only five years!

Commitment to Positive Social Impact

Social impact is also important at Sun Gro. We operate a network of 28 production facilities across Canada and the United States and take pride in the high-quality jobs that we offer in small towns and rural areas. In turn, we are exceedingly proud of our team who make it a priority every day to carry out Sun Gro’s stewardship of peatlands, ensuring that this abundant resource will be available for future generations.

Both professional and home growers buy Sunshine®, Black Gold®, Fafard®, Metro-Mix®, Lakeland®, and other Sun Gro® products because they are a mark of industry excellence. And when growers use our products to raise top-quality crops, or beautify home and garden with CO2-cleansing plants and trees, they can be sure they are using a resource that is plentiful, renewable, and well-managed.

Veriflora Certification

To further establish Sun Gro’s commitment to sustainability, all of our Canadian production sites are Veriflora Certified for environmental sustainability. Veriflora is a seed-to-store agricultural sustainability certification and eco-labeling program highly revered in the horticulture industries. A Veriflora certification establishes: 1. Environmental Sustainability; 2. Social and Economic Sustainability; and 3. Product Integrity. The Veriflora program is managed by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a neutral, third-party entity with no vested interest in the companies they certify, so consumers can count on the integrity of the certification.

Documentary: Wise Use of Peatlands

The Video Doc visualizes the development of peatlands, their natural functions and present global status, the use of peat and peatlands for different purposes, as well as to introduce principles of their use based on the book “Wise Use of Mires and Peatlands” published by the International Peat Society (IPS) together with the International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG).

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  • Peat Moss is abundant and environmentally sustainable.
  • Peat Moss grows more than 50 times faster than it is harvested.
  • Canada has more than 260 million acres of peatlands (25% of the world’s supply).
  • The peat industry harvests on less than 40,000 acres, or one in every 6,000 acres.
  • There are less than 5,000 post-harvest peatland acres in Canada.
  • Harvested peat moss improves plant and soil health wherever applied.
  • Sun Gro® carefully harvests peat moss to allow for easy restoration.
  • Sun Gro® identifies and harvests only from bogs that can be restored to functioning wetlands, wildlife habitat or farmland.