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Sun Gro® Horticulture was founded in 1929 in Vancouver, British Columbia as the Western Peat Company Ltd. Its initial success as a producer of peat moss enabled the company to expand operations throughout British Columbia and eastward into Central Canada. Over the years the company had a number of successful owners who expanded the business.Company-History

Between 1998 and 1999, Sun Gro made three separate strategic acquisitions enabling it to expand its product line and ability to serve customers across North America, while also improving the quality and life of its peat reserves. In 1998, Sun Gro acquired Lakeland Peat Moss Ltd. (“Lakeland”), which offered additional mixing capability, increased production and transportation efficiencies and control over its more economically accessible peat reserves in western Canada. In 1999, Sun Gro acquired Strong-Lite Products Corp. (“Strong Lite”) and certain assets of Pro Gro Products, Inc. (“Pro Gro”) through two separate transactions. These acquisitions strengthened Sun Gro’s leadership position in the professional growers segment by adding superior bark-based growing mixes to its professional product line while further establishing a North American footprint of mixing and distribution facilities.

Capacity and bog resources were added to that footprint in 2004 when Sun Gro acquired the Lameque Quality Group. Also that year, the acquisition of the respected Metro-Mix® brand of professional growing mediums from The Scotts Company LLC significantly enhanced Sun Gro’s ability to supply eastern North American growers with premium bark-based products.

sungro_logoFurther peat resources were added over the following three years with the purchase of Pigeon Hill Peat (New Brunswick), Normiska Peat (Ontario) and Tourbiere Omer Belanger (Quebec).

Additional expansion in the United States was accomplished with the acquisition of Sun Up Horticulture (California), Kellogg Rich Grow (California) and Florida Potting Soils (Florida and Georgia). This propelled Sun Gro to a leadership position across North America in both the greenhouse and nursery segments.

In 2012, Sun Gro Horticulture consolidated its leadership position in the professional growing market and expanded its market share in the retail market by acquiring Conrad Fafard Inc.





Founded in Vancouver as Western Peat Company Ltd.


Opened production facilities in Quebec, Canada


Opened production facilities in New Brunswick, Canada


Opened production facilities in Manitoba, Canada


Opened production facilities in Maisonnette, New Brunswick


Sold to S.B. McLaughlin Associates, Ltd.


Opened satellite plant and analytical soils laboratory in Anderson, South Carolina


Sold to Fisons PLC and renamed “Fisons Western Peat Moss, Ltd.”


Renamed “Fisons Horticulture” when Fisons purchased the company’s remaining interest


Acquired operations of Langley Peat North, Ltd. of Seba Beach, Alberta


Opened two satellite mix plants, one in Quincy, Michigan and another in Terrell, Texas.


Sold to Macluan Capital Inc., and renamed “Sun Gro Horticulture, Inc.”


Sold to Madison Dearborn Capital Partners II LLP., Sun Gro Horticulture, Inc. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Hines Holding, Inc.


Acquired Lakeland Peat Moss, Ltd., Pacific Soils, Inc. Hines Horticulture, Inc., completed IPO and was listed as HORT on NASDAQ


Acquired Pro Gro Products, Inc. and acquired Strong-Lite Products Corp


Sun Gro Horticulture Income Fund acquired various assets and related businesses from Hines Horticulture, Inc. and commenced operations on March 27, 2002.


Acquired The Scotts Company, LLC Professional Growing Media business and Lameque Quality Group


Acquired Pigeon Hill Peat


Acquired Normiska Peat


Opened production facilities in Marshall, Texas,  Manitoba, Canada and McFarland, California.


Acquired Sun-Up Horticulture, Kellogg-Rich Grow, Tourbiere Omer Belanger Inc. and Florida Potting Soils


Sun Gro Horticulture Income Fund completes reorganization of trust structure to a corporation, Sun Gro Horticulture Inc.


Sun Gro Horticulture acquired by a privately held company.


Opened new production facilities in Sacramento, California.

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