Sun Gro® Horticulture’s Preservation and Reclamation Policy

Peat is a sustainable resource derived from a precise set of environmental conditions and a unique set of plants found only under these conditions in peatlands. Throughout the development and harvest stages of peat, Sun Gro Horticulture will strive to manage environmental conditions in order to restore this important ecosystem to a functioning environmental unit. To achieve this goal, we will cooperate with all recognized conservation bodies.

Sun Gro Horticulture helps preserve and restore peatlands by:

  • Undertaking studies prior to opening new
    bogs to determine the flora and fauna of virgin peatlands.
  • Leaving areas of greatest interest undisturbed so that flora and fauna can recolonize after harvest.
  • Cooperating with recognized conservation bodies in management of peatland areas of environmental interest.


  • Determining the effect of drainage on the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Planning bog drainage systems while being mindful that restoration or reclamation procedures may require damming and leveling of ditches to restore the water table.
  • Designing drainage systems to control the discharge of suspended solids.


  • Monitoring water quality on a regular basis.
  • Preventing drainage/land clearing too far ahead of harvest start.
  • Leaving a layer of bog peat behind post- harvest to ensure natural succession in restoration.


  • Specifying after use, as part of any lease agreement, to ensure that the letter and the spirit of this Preservation and Restoration Policy is fulfilled. This goal will be achieved by:
      1. Developing restoration procedures to help harvested areas return to functioning peatlands.
      2. Developing plans that would permit harvested areas to be used for farming, reforestation or new wildlife habitats, such as waterholes for ducks and other wildlife.


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