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To lead, plan, organize, and control the total sales effort to achieve top line revenue while delivering operating income goals within the assigned Area of Responsibility. Sales management of 50 states of U.S. and all Provinces of Canada

The sales manager will be an active member of the Leadership Team representing the sales team while keeping the CEO informed of the sales effort and critical sales-related projects.

The sales manager will participate in company goal-setting initiatives such as, but not limited to revenue and expense budgets, price and margin objectives, inventory prebuild & management, sku management, effective sales and marketing programs & strategies.

The sales manger will work closely with the marketing department with focus on sales programs, marketing campaigns, market share analysis, targeted market strategies, new product development via the stage gate process, and similar related projects.

Attract, hire, motivate, and develop high impact sales people capable of meeting/exceeding sale’s quotas.

Control and monitor sales expense budgets conforming to the expense/travel  guidelines and policies.

Where appropriate ensure distribution objectives are attained on a consistent basis.

Exemplary internal and external verbal and written communication skills are a necessity.

The sales manager will be a role model for the sales team in all aspects of the day-to-day business.


  • Responsible for delivering profitable total product group sales from the product portfolio according to the approved sales budgets and marketing plans.
  • Manage direct reports to high performance through appropriate leadership, coaching, motivation, timely feedback and performance assessment.
  • Manage, support and reinforce critical sales required tasks as forecasting, Salesforce CRM implementation, GTS training, and other sales training and improvement areas.
  • Optimize and work through necessary sales processes with finance and credit, logistics and supply chain, production and operations, customer care, quality and technical, and other non-sales departments.
  • Initiate, monitor, and recommend sales programs which are measurable for sales growth and program costs, as well as programs that optimize harvest, production & shipping timelines and efficiencies.
  • Responsible for implementing/controlling approved sales/marketing programs and procedures.
  • Control personal expense budget and manage expense budgets of direct reports as assigned in accordance with company policy.
  • Complete regularly scheduled field reports as required and maintain appropriate records and files for key areas of responsibility.
  • As scheduled, be available and well-prepared to participate in board meetings, operating committee meetings, SOP meetings and other assigned meetings.
  • Communicate with the leadership team about any and all factors or activities which affect the sales team directly, or indirectly if other various company departments are involved or affected.
  • Cascade company related happenings and developments to direct report staff to keep all informed of key information.
  • Participate in regional and national meetings to plan and analyze business strategies and activities.
  • Attend trade events such as shows, seminars, and associations as needed.
  • Maintain excellent relationships with the key account team and the international sales team to optimize the total Sun Gro sales effort.
  • Properly handle all customer requests, problems, or special situations relating to our product and service performance.
  • Timely submission of sales reports & expense reports as required to meet monthly deadlines.
  • Establish realistic C&R achievement levels based on and in support of the company’s overall C&R’s Process.
  • Focus to keep safety first and foremost in all activities.


  • Outstanding Organizational Ability – Represent sale’s area efficiently to internal teams including the leadership team, credit, supply chain, finance, H.R., and IT departments.
  • Candidate must have a history of demonstrating Excellent Communications/Interpersonal Skills – Establish a postive and effective working environment for your sales team.
  • Demonstrate a history of high employee retention
  • Integrate all sales team activities and communications with Marketing and GrowerTechnical Service teams.
  • Set and assign as appropriate sales priorities, goals, and objectives for demand creation and growth based on overall company objectives.
  • Establish schedules, deadlines, or quotas for the sales territory and help facilitate the same as this pushes out to territories reporting to your position.
  • Coordinate company and industry resources toward fulfillment of desired objectives.
  • Develop positive results-oriented conclusions and positive solutions for problem solving.
  • Listen effectively to internal and external parties. Evaluate the best solutions for company and customer best interests.
  • Effectively describe and explain information, concepts, ideas, or instructions to others verbally and by writing.
  • Interface effectively and timely with customers, distributors, direct reports, co-workers and managers.
  • Decision-making Ability – Capability to make well-informed effective decisions on needed timelines.
  • Risk analysis – Analyze impacts of decisions before execution.
  • Measure and monitor Area goals that are compatible with overall company goals. Keep the Area Sale’s Team action oriented towards all goal fulfillment.
  • Support decisions with appropriate evidence and rationale.
  • The ability to make accurate assessments on market conditions and trends and convey these in a professional manner and timeline.
  • Support and enhance the team environment, even while working remotely and independently.
  • Perform with high level of business ethics, values, and principles.


  • Bachelors degree or 3+ years or equivalent experience gained through employment.
  • Experience in horticulture or equivalent experience gained through employment in a horticultural or similar related job is preferred.
  • Adequate management & sales experience to perform all the necessary sales functions required.
  • An appropriate comprehensive technical industry background is preferred but not required.
  • Proven track record of achievements in sales-related activities.


  • Cost efficient travel as needed to fulfill budgets and goals.
  • Be prepared to travel over 50% of the time
  • Other duties as assigned for special needs and priorities.
  • Potential weekend tradeshow commitment promoting products and booking orders.
  • Keep safety as #1 priority in all aspects of the roles and responsibilities.
  • Adequate computer skills (Microsoft outlook, word, excel, powerpoint etc.)
  • Safe driving record.

We are an equal opportunity employer.






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