Sunshine Retail

Growers choose Sunshine garden mixes for a reason. This prestigious, top-quality brand offers a wide variety of potting mixes and Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss to satisfy a multitude of gardening needs. The Sunshine label includes multi-purpose blends for general gardening, many OMRI listed mixes approved for organic gardening.

Plants love Sunshine®, and so will you!
  • Sunshine® Natural & Organic Potting Mix

    OMRI listed for organic gardening, this exceptional retail brand comprises the same formulation used by professional greenhouse growers across Canada. Made with premium quality ingredients, it is recommended for both indoor and outdoor organic gardening.

  • Sunshine® Container Mix Plus

    Made from the same components used by professional growers across Canada, Sunshine® Container Mix Plus is a special blend with added water holding crystals, to help reduce watering frequency, and controlled release fertilizer. Quality ingredients and high production standards ensure the same performance and reliability from bag to bag.

  • Sunshine® All-Purpose Potting Mix

    Formulated for indoor container plantings, Sunshine® All Purpose Potting Mix is designed with the same components found in professional growing media used by professional greenhouse growers across Canada.

  • Sunshine® Mix #1

    A versatile all-purpose blend, Sunshine® Mix #1 is recommended for the growth of a wide variety of container plantings, from vegetables to bedding plants. It offers a good balance of peat moss, perlite and nutrients that gardeners rely on year after year.

  • Sunshine® Mix #4

    An all-purpose planting mix, Sunshine Mix #4 is formulated with a high percentage of perlite for excellent drainage and high air capacity. It is recommended for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor container plantings, including houseplants, windowboxes and large potted gardens.