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April 14, 2004 2:02 pm

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“Think as the technical person does, but speak as the grower does.”

Technical presentations or seminars are one way to inform customers about growing media and fertilizers and how to use them properly. Nowadays distributors and growers are dealing with not only numerous diverse products, such as seeds, pots, tags, greenhouse coverings, chemicals, sprayers, irrigation pipes, etc., but also different brands in each category. They say they are seeking ways to learn more about the products and the latest knowledge in a short time. Seminars are attractive in this context and allow customers to put a face on company services.

Because of the differences in audiences, technical seminars have taken various formats. Here are several of the most common technical seminar situations:

Seminars to Distributor Customer Service and Sales Representatives

These are presented when distributor representatives gather for their own meetings. During these seminars, information is presented on how to recommend a product, for example how to suggest different Technigro formulas. The purpose is to make the distributor representatives comfortable with the products, so they can take care of initial requests from their customers promptly. For more complex questions, they would refer to Sun Gro technical specialists.

Seminars to Distributor Customers

These are conducted during distributor open houses. The seminar to distributor customers is generally one of several presentations given by multiple, complimentary vendors, such as having a fertilizer vendor seminar followed by one given by a fertilizer injector vendor. The purpose here is to inform the growers about how they can use the products showcased by the distributor and how they can answer questions from current users.

Seminars at a Large Grower Facility

Sometimes the owner or manager of a large greenhouse will ask that their employees be trained in a seminar venue. This may happen when there is employee turnover or a new product or product line is introduced. The purpose is to educate employees regarding product use. In this situation, hands-on training is often included. For example, employees may be shown how to sample and test a mix properly.

Seminars Organized by University Specialists

University professors or extension specialists often invite industry experts to share information on a particular topic during their educational programs. Generally no product endorsement is allowed. Participation in such seminars creates goodwill for the company and helps in reaching potential customers. At Sun Gro, the audience feedback at technical seminars has been very good. It is especially gratifying when calls come after the seminar from attendees asking for more product information or when an unexpected Christmas card of thanks arrives.

The top-notch technical specialists at Sun Gro are always available to provide technical seminars in all of these venues. Please contact your Sun Gro district manager to arrange one in your area.

~Shiv Reddy

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