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Controlling Greenhouse UFP’s (Unidentified Flying Pests)

Almost all greenhouse growers find themselves battling little black flying insects in their greenhouses at some point in their careers. Small black flying gnats can be shore flies (Ephydridae family) or fungus gnats (Sciaridae or Mycetophilidae families). The shore flies are commonly found in greenhouses or nurseries where algae is growing on the soil surface… View Article

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Sun Gro's Technical Specialists

Read More in The Sun Gro’er Issue 1/1 (2003) Sun Gro has seven main Technical Specialists, three in the West and two each in the Central and East regions. Their duties include Quality Control (QC) work with specific plants, along with providing technical support for specific sections of their region. Technical support includes work with complaint handling, training and custom blends. These are also the Sun Gro staffers who will be providing… View Article

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