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Technigro® 20-9-20 Plus

Our best formula for diverse crops and growing conditions, Technigro® 20-9-20 Plus is a high nitrate formula that supplies nitrogen and micronutrients over a wide range of temperature and light conditions. It also effectively lowers soil medium pH where irrigation water is moderate alkaline.

Metro-Mix® 830

A versatile middleweight formula, Fafard® 3B Mix is our most popular bark based mix for expert growers. It is fit for a wide variety of crop plants grown in many container sizes from cell flats to larger pots.

Technigro® 10-30-20 Plus

Recommended when high phosphorous and low nitrogen levels are desired; the 1:3:2 ratio boosts flowering in some species while enhancing essential root growth. Technigro® “Plus” also contains the ideal level of micronutrients for soilless growing mix production.

Technigro® 21-7-7 Acid Special

Designed for lowering growing mix pH where irrigation water is highly alkaline, Technigro 21-7-7-Acid Special can also be used as a general fertilizer for acid-loving crops. Its high urea composition makes it an effective foliar feed.

Technigro® 15-0-15 Plus

Recommended for wintertime application, when temperatures are cool and ambient light is low, Technigro® 15-0-15 Plus is a phosphorus-free formulation that supplies micro-nutrients over a wide range of soil conditions. With a high potential basicity, it is useful in raising growing media pH. Do not mix in a concentrated stock tank with sulfate-containing fertilizers.

Technigro® 13-2-13 Plus

Technigro® 13-2-13 Plus is ideal for use under cool, low light
conditions, such as greenhouses in northern climates in winter. This high nitrate formula is also an excellent source for readily available calcium and magnesium. Its potential basicity is useful in raising growing media pH. Apply it in plug production when controlling phosphorus levels to avoid stretch. Store Technigro water soluble fertilizers in a cool, dry place.

Technigro® 17-5-24 Plus

An all-purpose formula that’s low in phosphorus and high in micronutrients, Technigro® 17-5-24 Plus is useful for a wide variety of crops cultivated under many different growing conditions. The slightly acid formula helps maintain media pH where irrigation water is somewhat alkaline.

Technigro® 20-20-20 All Purpose

A warm-weather fertilizer for various crops, Technigro® 20-20-20 All Purpose aids in root and bloom development and is an effective foliar feed. The moderate potential acidity helps maintain pH when highly alkaline irrigation water is an issue.

Technigro® 17-5-17 Plus

An all-purpose, low-phosphorus formula useful for many crops and growing conditions, Technigro® 17-5-17 Plus is high in micro-nutrients and helps growing medium maintain a neutral pH. Do not mix in a concentrated stock
tank with other phosphate- or sulfate-containing fertilizers.