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Peatland Ecology Research Group: Ecology, Restoration & Environmental Impact

Dr Line Rochefort in peat bogIn the last issue of the Sun Gro’er we reported on the little known “secret” concerning peat bog restoration under the direction of Dr. Line Rochefort. But the “rest of the story” is the work being conducted by the Peatland Ecology Research Group (PERG) centered at the University of Laval in Quebec, Canada. This group is a network of world-class researchers working on various aspects of sphagnum peatland ecology, restoration and environmental impact with the main objective to develop a knowledge base that would contribute to the responsible management of Canadian peatlands. Again, this function is supported from Canadian governmental agencies and also the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA). –Rick Vetanovetz
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Sunshine #4 Mix with Mycorrhizae from Sun Gro

Sunshine Mix 4 Aggregate Plus Myco 3cf - RF CMYK2Sun Gro has developed a new product for sale to the professional and hydroponics markets – Sunshine #4 Mix with Mycorrhizae. This mix is sold in 3.0 cubic foot compressed bales. The package is slightly smaller than the typical 3.8 cubic foot package, which seems to be more amenable to customers in the hydroponics market.
The ingredients of the blend are the same ingredients as the standard, and very popular, Sunshine #4 Mix but also with the addition of mycorrhizae.
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Water Release Curves of Common Growing Media Ingredients

Pressure plate apparatus
A “pressure plate apparatus” for determining soil “water release curves.” (photo courtesy Dr. Mike Evans, University of Arkansas)

Water release curves are used by soil scientists to understand how soils or growing media “hold” and “give up” water. Growing media can hold and “release” water differently depending on the type and percentage of ingredients used in the mix. This information, taken together with E-values, can enhance our customers knowledge to make better judgments on what type of growing media will suit their particular operation. –Shiv Reddy
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Update on E -Values of Sun Gro Growing Media

In the last issue of the Sun Gro’er, we introduced the concept of the E-value. It was devised to help answer the common horticultural question: “How quickly will a mix dry out?” The E-value measurement summarizes the duration of time it takes for a mix to dry down in a controlled environment. Rather than just giving “snapshot” information on air and water porosity immediately after saturation, as traditional physical property measures do, the goal of the E-value is to provide information on how a mix performs over time by using a single number (the higher the number the wetter the mix over time) that considers many physical property measurements. –Todd Cavins
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