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silicon is in our mix.

growing annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, cultivation or hemp?

RESiLIENCE® – a beneficial plant substance that may make a plant stronger*! Plants grown with RESiLIENCE®, our tradename for silicon, already in the mix, may result in*:

  • Earlier flowering
  • Longer time to wilt
  • Better root growth
  • Increased stem diameter
  • Quick recovery from infrequent watering
*Results will vary by plant type and grower practices.
Ask about our industry and university research regarding the positive effects of silicon in growing media re: copper toxicity, heavy metals, stress tolerance, insect, pest and disease control

RESiLIENCE® Growth Trial Results PPTs

RESiLIENCE® Growth Trial Results Videos

Gerbera Jamesonii wilting

Salvia Splendens 46 days after transplant

Calibrachoa x Hybrid 41 days after transplant

Euphorbia Pulcherrima 12 weeks after pinch

Salvia Splendens wilting

Verbena 4 weeks after transplant

Tagetes Patula in standard Peat and Bark Mixes

Rudbeckia Hirta 7 weeks after transplant

Trichome Improvement

RESiLIENCE vs Liquid Silicon




Vegetables & Herbs





RESiLIENCE vs. Liquid Silicon

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