Grower Technical Services:

Unmatched Horticultural Science

Sun Gro horticultural scientists provide growers with industry leading technical insights and solutions for higher yields and improved crop time supported with our best-fit greenhouse and nursery mixes.

Sun Gro provides the best analytical services to meet our customers’ needs and to optimize all your growing parameters, including:

  • Water Analysis
  • Growing Media Analysis
  • Plant Tissue
  • Fertilizer Analysis

From start to finish, Sun Gro experts are there to help you achieve superior results every time.

Unmatched Horticultural Science
Our Grower Technical Specialists will help you:
Sun Gro - Grower Tech Specialists - Meet the Team:

Ka Yeon Jeong, Ph.D

Grower Specialist Manager
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Dan Jacques, Ph.D.
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Shiv Reddy, Ph.D.
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Geoff Denny Ph.D
South Central
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Graham Wright, M.S.
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Paul Karlovich, Ph.D.
North Central
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Connie Johnson M.S.
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Sun Gro Discovery Center Research Team:

Our Research Scientists at the Sun Gro Discovery Center will deliver:

  • Sound science-based technical solutions
  • High standard product qualities
  • New innovative materials for improved results

Janet Rippy, Ph.D
Research Scientist
Sun Gro Discovery Center

Our research facility is located in Anderson South Carolina.

The facility specializes in both indoor and outdoor growth trials.

Physical Properties Labs:

Outdoor Trial Space

  • Nursery Pads 19,160 ft2
  • Raised Beds: 1,280 ft2
  • Hanging Basket Posts:
  • 32 with 4 baskets each

R&D Greenhouse

  • 30’ x 85’ A-frame greenhouse
  • Irrigation: Hand, Drip and Sub
  • Capacity = 18 projects per turn for Propagation, Finished Production and Post Harvest
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