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Why Sun Gro Belongs to Trade Organizations

Providing high-quality growing media and fertilizers is no longer the simple business of years past, where we simply produced and shipped products for you to grow flowers and trees. The horticulture industry, like most others, has become a highly regulated business. We now need to fill out mountains of paperwork and often need to respond to new unknown “regulations.” A tool that we have found useful to help us keep up with current regulations is participation in trade organizations.
Read More in The Sun Gro’er Issue 4/1 (2009)

Bedding Plant Production Tips

Bedding plants are the “main event” during the spring season. You might be thinking: “bedding plants…like spring crops?” Well, yeah. And planting time will come around before you know it. So, start thinking about how your going to make this year’s crop the best ever. Here are a few things to remember to do when producing your bedding beauties… 

Read More in The Sun Gro’er Issue 4/1 (2009)