Great American IGC: Calloway’s Nursery

Calloway's Nursery
Sun Gro® Horticulture is proud to conduct business with Calloway’s Nursery— a homegrown independent garden center (IGC) operating 18 nurseries across northern Texas. Gardeners across the region know that “Calloway’s Quality” means exceptional garden plants, expertise, and service.
Founded in 1986, Calloway’s Nursery was started by a group of longtime friends from North Texas—Jim Estill, John Cosby, and John Peters. They all loved the nursery trade and envisioned a new kind of nursery Flowers for salefor gardeners in the region.
Calloway’s has built its reputation on providing the highest level of quality and service—working with the best growers and purveyors of horticultural products across the country. As an added mark of excellence, they employ more Texas Master Certified Nursery Professionals than any other retail organization.
Packaged soil for saleAt Calloway’s, gardeners will find thousands of beautiful annuals, perennials, vegetables, trees and shrubs in addition to great gardening tools, pottery, and many other outdoor products. Calloway’s is also known for its outstanding garden mixes, amendments, and mulches—something that also makes our company proud. Sun Gro manufactures several high-performing, exclusive, private-label potting soils for Calloway’s Nursery, as well as supplying them with Black Gold® products.
Plants for saleCalloway’s delivers this promise:
“It is our resolve to provide plants that are superior to those of our competitors: the finest quality flora available. We shall provide value for the money in trees, shrubs, bedding plants, groundcovers, seed, bulbs, houseplants, pottery, tools fertilizers, soil supplements, pesticides, and other garden necessities.”
Plants for saleGreat IGCs such as Calloway’s Nursery have a passion for quality that keeps customers returning year after year. And, it’s Sun Gro’s commitment to quality and customer service that encourages great IGCs to do business with us. To learn more about Calloway’s Nursery, please visit

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