Sunshine® #1 Natural & Organic


The most versatile natural and organic professional mix that growers use to grow a wide variety of crops. Sunshine® #1 Natural & Organic is OMRI Listed® blend that offers a good balance of peat moss and coarse perlite that professional growers rely on year after year. Ready to Gro.

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Available Sizes:

2.8 cu ft loosefill (51-54+/pallet); 3.8 cu ft(30/pallet); 55 cu ft(2/pallet); 60, 75, or 80 cu ft loosefill (2/pallet); 110 cu ft(1/pallet).


Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coarse Perlite, Organic Starter Nutrient Charge, Gypsum, Dolomitic Limestone, Organic Wetting Agent, and RESiLIENCE®


Recommended for cutting propagation, bedding and vegetable plants, hanging baskets and potted crops.


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