Sun Gro® Horticulture specializes in professional and retail brands of premium soilless growing mixes, amendments, and fertilizers recognized by growers and gardeners to be some of the best performing on the market. We sell to both United States and Canadian markets, with some brands exclusive to a given country.

Sun Gro Products

Professional Products


We offer over 100 products developed by professional horticulturists and marketed to
greenhouse and nursery growers nationwide. These include soilless growing mixes
produced to the industry’s highest quality standards as well as high-performing water-soluble
and controlled-release fertilizers.

Professional Mix Brands


SunGro Horticulture’s key professional soilless growing mixes are sold under the Metro-Mix®, Sunshine®
and Sungro® brands. These include soilless mixes containing the highest quality Canadian Sphagnum
peat moss, aged bark, Sun-Coir® coconut coir, perlite, vermiculite, and other natural & organic ingredients.
Professional growers turn to Sun Gro for their planting mix needs because our products consistently yield
great results. These brands are sold across the United States and Canada.

Sunshine Professional Mixes Logo
Metro Mix Professional Mixes Logo

Professional Fertilizer Brands


The Technigro® brand of professional water-soluble fertilizers are
marketed in the western United States to hydroponic and greenhouse
growers. They are created exclusively for the professional market and
are designed to satisfy every water quality situation.

Technigro Water Soluble Fertilizer Logo

Retail Products

United States Mix Brands


Our retail brands of premium soilless growing mixes, Black Gold®,
Fafard®, Sunshine®, and Sunshine® Advanced, are sold at leading home
improvement retailers, hardware chains, independent hardware stores,
hydroponic stores, and independent garden centers across the
United States.

Canadian Mix/Fertilizer Brands


Canada has its own suite of Sun Gro retail brands of premium soilless
growing mixes and fertilizers. Black Gold® brand in Canada offers
both premium mixes and fertilizers, while the Sunshine® brand for the
Canadian market features premium mixes. These are sold at leading
Canadian home improvement retailers, hardware chains, and
independent hardware stores and garden centers.