Retail Products

Retail Products

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Sun Gro offers several IGC-oriented brands, which are held to the high industry standards of its professional lines. These include well known industry names like Black Gold®, Fafard®, Sunshine® and Sunshine® Advanced retail lines. Each brand has a distinct set of characteristics that sets it apart from the rest; among them you will find a wide array of potting and specialty mixes and garden amendments. Many are OMRI Listed® products approved for organic gardening, and Sun Gro’s Canadian produc tion facilities are Veriflora Certified for sustainability, so you know our products meet the highest environmental standards. Sun Gro products are available through many distributors and hardware co-ops, making them fast and easy to order.

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Outstanding Results Every Time. (Only available in the United States)

Silicon (Si) is a beneficial plant substance that when added to a growing medium can result in more vigorous plants.

RESiLIENCE® is Sun Gro’s brand name for patented growing mixes enriched with silicon.

RESiLIENCE® mixes enhance plant quality resulting in thicker/stronger stems, compact growth, increased root mass; plus extended resistance to wilt.

*Results will vary by plant type and how you grow your plant.

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Outstanding Results Every Time

Black Gold Potting Mixes & Amendments

At Black Gold, we believe in educating our customers by providing a steady stream of helpful tips and ideas for consumers through expert-driven blogs and events. On our website, visitors will find top TV and radio gardening personalities praising our products.

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Fafard Potting Mixes (Only available in the United States)

Fafard is a lasting brand that means quality, and Sun Gro offers all the same popular Fafard formulations. That means customers can expect the same consistent quality and superior gardening results they have relied upon for decades.

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Sunshine Advanced

Sunshine Advanced Potting Mixes

Developed to be the best performing grow mixes on the market.

Trust OMRI Listed® Sunshine Advanced to fire-up growth for all your plants. Each pr!oduct is meticulously formulated to meet the needs of professionals, yet they’re so easy to use that even beginning gardeners achieve success.

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Sunshine Potting Mixes

Growers choose Sunshine garden mixes for a reason. This prestigious, top-quality brand offers a wide variety of potting mixes and Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss to satisfy a multitude of gardening needs. The Sunshine label includes multi-purpose blends for general gardening, many OMRI listed mixes approved for organic gardening.

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Proven Winners Soils & Plant Foods

Now Available Nationwide!

Better Products, Better Gardens
The best plants, and the finest potting soil and plant foods - it’s an unbeatable combination. Formulated to provide superior results for Proven Winners and all flowering plants, Proven Winners Premium Potting Soils and Plant Foods are the add-on sales lineup that’s sending sales and profits sky high.

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