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Sun Gro Horticulture is the leading supplier of superior quality peat moss, peat-based and bark-based horticultural growing products to North American professional and retail markets.


  • Are the No. 1 supplier to the top 100 commercial growers in North America
  • Sustainably harvest
  • Operate 22 facilities across North America
  • Ship over 70,000 truckloads of product annually
  • Employ 800 dedicated individuals
  • Offer unmatched R&D and Technical Support
More than 100 Professional Products

More than 100 Professional Products

Developed by professional horticulturists and produced under the industry's highest quality standards, we offer over 100 professional products under the Sunshine®, Fafard®, Metro-Mix® and Technigro® brands. These professional growing mixes and fertilizers consist of:

  • Peat and bark-based growing mixes formulated to exacting standards
  • Pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss screened to various grades (fine to coarse)
  • OMRI listed organic mixes for organic growers
  • Coconut coir and all-natural compost additives
  • Perlite, pumice and vermiculite aggregates
  • Water-soluble fertilizers for every water quality situation
  • Controlled -release fertilizers for indoor and outdoor crops

In addition, we offer extensive testing and analytical services for water, media and tissue analysis as well as professional horticultural advice and resources for growers.

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Sun Gro’s silicon additive that makes your plants stronger*.

Silicon (Si) is a beneficial plant substance that when added to a growing medium can result in more vigorous plants.

RESiLIENCE® is Sun Gro’s brand name for growing mixes enriched with silicon.

RESiLIENCE® mixes enhance plant quality resulting in thicker/stronger stems, compact growth, increased root mass; plus extended resistance to wilt.

*Results will vary by plant type and how you grow your plant.

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Sun Gro Product Catalogs

Our handy product guides covering our brands, products, special SKUs, grower specialist services, conversion calculations and fill guides:

Professional product catalogue

US/Canada Professional and Retail Products Catalog

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ater Soluble Fertilizers catalogue

Water Soluble Fertilizers

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Sunshine Professional Mixes

Sunshine® products are produced under the industry’s highest quality standards and designed to meet the unique needs of your crops while fitting into the flow of your operations. Sunshine products are offered in either compressed or loosefill packaging in a variety of sizes, from the easy-to-handle 3.8 cubic foot bale to the economy-sized Big Shots or Sun Tower.

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Metro-Mix Professional Mixes

Our Metro-Mix lineup offers a broad range of applications ranging from small cell-packs to large containers. Select Met- ro-Mix formulas include processed bark ash or SUN-COIR (coconut coir), distinctive ingredients that offer unique characteris- tics to a blend. All formulas are pH adjust- ed, contain a starter nutrient charge and our long-lasting wetting agent.

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Fafard Professional

Fafard Professional Mixes

The Fafard® name has signified horticultural excellence since the 1920s. Fafard® brand lightweight, middleweight, heavy weight peat-based and bark-based mixes are expertly blended for consistently productive crops. We also offer coir-based mixes as well as many custom mix additives.

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Technigro Water Soluble Fertilizers

The most soluble fertilizer on the market with added sulfur and magnesium in many formulas for greener, healthier growth. Packaged in a thick plastic bag for extra protection against hardening and ease of handling

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