Fafard® Professional Growing Products

Since the 1920s, Fafard® has produced top-quality peat moss for professional growers. Our products are specially formulated to maintain the proper balance of water, air, and pH and may contain bark, perlite or vermiculite as well as dolomitic lime, nutrients and a wetting agent. We also provide pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss for growers who like to mix their own, or we can create a custom blend to perfectly match your growing needs.

All Fafard products are produced to the highest standard using the best ingredients available and are designed to fit the growing needs of a wide variety of crops while also fitting into the flow of grower operations. We offer both compressed and loose-fill packagingin a variety of sizes for production operations large and small.
  • Fafard® Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Professional Grade

    Our high-quality Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss is recommended for many professional uses from greenhouse and nursery production, golf course construction and maintenance, mushroom production and landscaping.

  • Sunshine® Mix #15 / Fafard®-15

    This multi-purpose formulation is the mix that expert growers select for the production of a wide variety of crops. Ready to Gro! (Sunshine® Mix #15 / Fafard-15 now share a dual label.)

  • Fafard® Natural & Organic 10 with RESiLIENCE®

    Formulated for all your organic growing needs, Fafard® Natural & Organic 10 is a lightweight, peat-based mix that is OMRI Listed for organic growing. It is suited to the culture of a wide array of greenhouse crops, and recommended for production in everything from plug trays to 10" pots.

  • Fafard Growing Mix #1

    The most versatile and popular professional mix we offer, Sunshine ® Mix #1 is recommended for the production of a wide variety of container-grown crops, from vegetables to bedding plants and cuttings. It offers a good balance of sphagnum peat moss, perlite and nutrients that professional growers rely on year after year. (Sunshine #1/Fafard-1P now have a dual label.)

  • Sunshine® Mix #8 / Fafard®-2

    Sunshine® Mix #8/Fafard®-2 is an all-purpose formula with vermiculite and perlite, which makes it suitable for growing a wide variety of plants. Ready to Gro. (Sunshine® Mix #8 / Fafard-2 now share a dual label.)

  • Fafard® Outdoor Baled Mix

    Formulated for outdoor production, our Outdoor Baled Mix is ideal for crops such as mums, perennials, or nursery crops. We use a special blended peat moss to add weight to the pots and help retain moisture.

  • Fafard® Peat-Lite Mix

    A lightweight germination mix with added vermiculite, Fafard® Peat-Lite Mix has been formulated for plug production and seed starting in open seed flats.

  • Fafard® 2B Mix

    This middleweight mix is designed for small- to medium-sized container crops grown indoors and out. It contains aged bark to provide added structure and drainage to the mix.

  • Fafard® 3B Mix/ Metro-Mix 830

    A versatile middleweight formula, Fafard® 3B Mix is our most popular bark based mix for expert growers. It is fit for a wide variety of crop plants grown in many container sizes from cell flats to larger pots.

  • Fafard® 3L Mix

    Similar to our popular Fafard® 3B Mix, but with slightly lower water retention, 3L Mix is equally versatile and recommended for a variety of potted crops produced both indoors and out.

  • Fafard® 4 Mix/ Metro-Mix 510

    Fafard® 4 Mix is a versatile middleweight blend that offers a higher degree of water retention. It is recommended for a variety of potted crops produced both indoors and out.

  • Fafard® 4M Mix

    Fafard® 4M Mix is an all-purpose middleweight blend similar to Fafard® 4 Mix but with finer bark. It is recommended for the production of a wide variety of crops in various container sizes.

  • Fafard® 4P Mix

    An all-purpose, middleweight mix, Fafard® 4P Mix is similar to Fafard® 4 Mix but has added perlite for additional porosity. It is recommended for the production of a wide variety of crops in various container sizes.

  • Fafard® 3 Mix

    A heavyweight mix with a high volume of bark, Fafard® 3 Mix is suited to most container sizes, large or small, and is recommended for both indoor and outdoor production.

  • Fafard® 3M Mix

    Similar to Fafard® 3 Mix, but with finer bark to make a denser mix, our equally heavyweight 3M Mix is ideal for the production of many container crops including bedding, flowering and foliage plants. It is also suitable for interior-scapes.

  • Fafard® 52 Mix

    The heavyweight Fafard 52 Mix has a high percentage of bark and has been specifically formulated for outdoor containers and large interior pots. It is also excellent for the production of perennials, roses and nursery containers.

  • Fafard® 51L Mix

    Fafard® 51L Mix is similar to Mix 52 but with finer bark and no vermiculite. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor production, it is a finer textured mix formulated for the production of a wide variety of container crops, including perennials, roses and nursery stock.

  • Fafard® Nursery Mix

    A heavyweight bark-based mix, Fafard® Nursery Mix is specifically formulated for the production of perennial and nursery crops grown both indoors or out. It is ideal for medium- and large-sized containers.

  • Fafard® Natural & Organic 30 with RESiLIENCE®

    OMRI Listed for organic growing, Fafard® Natural & Organic 30 is a professional-grade mix made with Canadian Sphagnum Peat, processed pine bark and perlite. It is a general purpose mix suitable for vegetable, herb and bedding plant production.

  • Fafard® Germination Mix

    Designed for propagation and seedling production in smaller cell trays, Fafard Germination Mix is a fine, porous blend comprised of screened peat moss to enable seed germination while ensuring young plants have a good start. Ready to Gro.