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it’s easy to achieve garden success with Sun Gro®. All our consumer products are made to the same exacting standards as our professional lines, and many are OMRI Listed and/or certified by the Mulch and Soil Council , meaning they either conform to rigid “Organic” standards as well as product quality and performance criteria. Gardeners can also feel good growing with Sun Gro® since all of our peat moss harvesting and production conforms to the highest level of environmental stewardship of being Veriflora Certified. Recognition that Sun Gro® potting mixes and garden amendments produce top-quality plants and are ecologically sustainable encourages smart gardeners to choose our products year after year. We also strive to connect with our customers regularly through powerful social media efforts to help them to garden better with our products.

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Black Gold® Potting Mixes & Amendments

Of all Sun Gro’s retail lines, Black Gold® is our top seller– supplying quality soils, amendments and fertilizers since1983. Award-winning packaging and premium products have led to the iconic appeal of Black Gold®, and our organic lines have gained even more attention because they are OMRI listed. At the Black Gold website, we believe in educating our customers by providing a steady stream of helpful tips and ideas for consumers through expert-driven blogs and events. You'll also find top TV and radio gardening personalities praising Black Gold® products. They put their reputations behind Black Gold® because they want their gardening viewers and listeners to succeed with the best products on the market.

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Fafard® Potting Mixes & Amendments

Since 1920, Fafard® has been providing some of the best potting mixes available in the eastern United States. Based on popular professional growing mix formulations, these mixes have gained a loyal following since they have consistently produced great gardens. Sun Gro® offers the same popular Fafard formulations, so customers can enjoy the same consistent quality they have come to rely on.

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Sunshine® Advanced

Sunshine® Advanced Mixes

Trust OMRI Listed® Sunshine® Advanced to fire-up growth for all your plants. Each product is meticulously formulated to meet the needs of professionals, yet they’re so easy to use that even beginning gardeners achieve success. Whether you’ve got tomatoes in containers on your deck or an entire herb garden indoors under lights, Sunshine® Advanced will help you grow a bountiful harvest naturally and organically.

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Sunshine® Potting Mixes

Growers choose Sunshine® garden mixes for a reason. This prestigious, top-quality brand offers a wide variety of potting mixes and Canadian Sphagnum peat moss to satisfy a multitude of gardening needs. The Sunshine® label includes multi-purpose blends for general gardening and many are OMRI Listed® mixes approved for organic gardening.

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Discounts & Coupons

Rebate coupons are available for Fafard®Black Gold® , Sunshine® and Sunshine® Advanced, including the new Sunshine® Mix #4 with mycorrhizae, to make our products even more accessible to our customer base. We hope you choose Sun Gro products for all your gardening needs this season!