Our patented silicon additive that makes your plants stronger

Now in our most popular mixes!

RESILIENCE®, our trade name for Silicon (Si) is a beneficial plant substance.

Plants grown with our patented RESiLIENCE silicon in our mix may result in:

  • Earlier flowering
  • Better root growth
  • Longer time to wilt
  • Increased stem diameter
  • And recover quicker from infrequent watering

*Results will vary by plant type and grower practices

What Our Customers Say


"We have been using Sunshine #1 with Resilience for all our crops. We grow mixed crops ,.. everything from cyclamens, hydrangeas, poinsettias , bedding plants and baskets etc. for our wholesale custom- ers. We noticed that over the year, the plants seem to be stronger and healthier than in previous years. We like Resilience!”

Paul Barco Medina, OH

Sunshine Growers

"Two years ago I did a trial on my poinsettias. No problems. Last year we did a larger trial and it will be larger again this year. With RESiLIENCE® we need to water less, the roots are fuller and I can see a better result in the color.

Kurts Lepper, Operations Manager, Ontario - California

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RESiLIENCE® Growth Trial Results Videos

Gerbera Jamesonii wilting

Salvia Splendens 46 days after transplant

Calibrachoa x Hybrid 41 days after transplant

Euphorbia Pulcherrima 12 weeks after pinch

Salvia Splendens wilting

Verbena 4 weeks after transplant

Tagetes Patula in standard Peat and Bark Mixes

Rudbeckia Hirta 7 weeks after transplant

RESiLIENCE effects on Trichomes

RESiLIENCE vs Liquid silicon




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RESiLIENCE vs. Liquid Silicon