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Image of Sun Gro Professional Growing Mix 79 liter bag

Metro-Mix® 830


Bark, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Dolomite Lime, Long-Lasting Wetting Agent, RESiLIENCE

Fafard 3B Metro Mix 830 Pie Chart Spanish
  • Floriculture
Drainage for Metro-Mix® 830 is medium Particle Size for Metro-Mix® 830 is medium Water Retention for Metro-Mix® 830 is medium
A versatile middleweight formula, Fafard® 3B Mix is our most popular bark based mix for expert growers. It is fit for a wide variety of crop plants grown in many container sizes from cell flats to larger pots.
  • 2.8 cu ft bag (48/pallet)
  • 5,5 pies cúbicos (18 / paleta)
  • 60 cu ft bulk bag (2/pallet)
  • Big Shot® 55 cu ft (2/pallet)
  • SunTower® de 110 pies cúbicos (1 / paleta)