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Sun Gro® Perlite

Used to improve the drainage and aeration of growing media, Sunshine Perlite is a porous, lightweight,
expanded volcanic rock. Its high porosity makes it a good aggregate in potting and germination mixes.

Sun Gro® Horticultural Vermiculite Medium, Coarse

A naturally occurring mineral, vermiculite is highly absorbent, lightweight and an essential part of many soilless growing mixes. In addition to increasing mix water-holding capacity, its high CEC helps retain nutrients.

Sun Gro® Peat Moss Grower Grade White

The most popular peat moss in our professional line, Grower Grade White has a fibrous consistency that improves aeration and increases drainage to promote plant root development. It is used throughout the greenhouse trade for the production of vegetables, flowering plants, and mushrooms as well as flat, larger pot, and hanging basket production.

Sun Gro® Peat Moss Grower Grade Orange

Grower Grade Orange is less fibrous than Grower Grade White. It is used throughout the greenhouse trade
for vegetable and forestry seedling production, plant production, mushroom production and for mixing your
own media.

Sun Gro® Peat Moss Grower Grade Green

Sunshine Peat Moss Grower Grade Green is a screened, short-fiber professional peat moss recommended for any situation when a fine growing medium is required.
It is most often used in the golf course construction trade, for mushroom production, seed starting, and plug