Rooted in Good: Introducing Sunshine® Black Bear™ Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix

Our Expertise is Growing®—and so is our variety of innovative products! Sun Gro is pleased to introduce Sunshine® Black Bear™ Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix, a climate-conscious gardening solution formulated with biochar that has contributed to carbon capture and promotes environmental sustainability. Now available at most stores, our latest potting mix allows home gardeners and plant enthusiasts to do their part for the planet simply by doing what they love.

The Ultimate Storage Solution

Harnessing a thermochemical process called pyrolysis, the biochar in Sunshine® Black Bear™ Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix repurposes forest by-products that would otherwise contribute to atmospheric carbon. This creates an excellent growing media aggregate for long-term carbon sequestration; in fact, Black Bear™ biochar is sequestered for hundreds of years for future generations.

The biochar in each 1.5 cubic-foot bag of our potting mix stores 2 pounds of carbon that would have been released into the atmosphere as 7.2 pounds of CO2 greenhouse gas. That’s the equivalent CO2 volume of 130 standard size balloons or 400 hours of watching a 40-inch LED screen. The biochar in a truckload of our potting mix captures and stores the equivalent CO2 volume of driving 5,300 miles. In other words, this isn’t just a growing medium. It’s a sustainable revolution.

The Beauty of Biochar

Green products and practices are essential for the sustainable grower, but less-than-lush results can break a deal. That’s a quandary our extraordinary new mix solves. The biochar in Sunshine® Black Bear™ Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix serves as a sustainable substitute for perlite, a common coarse-mineral growing aggregate that aids in aeration and drainage to support vigorous plant growth. Black Bear™ biochar does the same—while preventing the release of CO2 during its manufacture.

To create Sunshine® Black Bear™ Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix, we blend our carbon-rich biochar with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. This consciously sourced component is certified under the Veriflora® Responsibly Managed Peatlands program, which signifies harvesting practices that prioritize ecosystem conservation.

Our exclusive, versatile new formulation is tailored for containers, hanging baskets, window boxes and fabric pots. Its performance is backed by successful outcomes with professional growers. And, perhaps most importantly, it carries enduring, biochar-based environmental benefits. Pick up a bag today, and know you’ve chosen a mix that matters.

* As of this posting, pending approval, and not available in California or Oregon