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Technigro® 20-9-20 Plus

Our best formula for diverse crops and growing conditions, Technigro® 20-9-20 Plus is a high nitrate formula that supplies nitrogen and micronutrients over a wide range of temperature and light conditions. It also effectively lowers soil medium pH where irrigation water is moderate alkaline.

Technigro® 21-7-7 Acid Special

Designed for lowering growing mix pH where irrigation water is highly alkaline, Technigro 21-7-7-Acid Special can also be used as a general fertilizer for acid-loving crops. Its high urea composition makes it an effective foliar feed.

Technigro® 16-17-17 Plus

Technigro® 16-17-17 Plus has a balanced N-P-K ratio suitable for potted crops,
such as geraniums and Easter lilies. It has elevated magnesium and sulfur levels to enhance plant vigor and deepen leaf color. Technigro brand fertilizers are superior water soluble formulas that dissolve quickly and easily in all qualities of water.

Technigro® 20-18-18 Plus

Recommended for warm weather fertilization, Technigro® 20-18-18 Plus is suitable for most flowering and foliage crops. Higher phosphorus levels boost roots and blooms, while the added sulfur enhances plant vigor and leaf color. This formula contains sufficient
micronutrients for soilless growing media and is effective as a foliar feed.

Technigro® 24-7-15 Plus

An effective foliar feed with a lower EC, Technigro® 24-7-15 Plus is ideal for plants grown under warm conditions. The high urea formula is optimal for tropical foliage plant production as well as turf and landscapes and has the added benefit of supplying micronutrients over a wide range of soil conditions.