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Sunshine ® Mix #15

This multi-purpose formulation is the mix that expert growers select for the production of a wide variety of crops. Ready to Gro! (Sunshine® Mix #15 / Fafard®-15 now share a dual label.)

Sunshine® Mix #1

The most versatile and popular professional mix we offer, Sunshine® Mix #1 is recommended for the production of a wide variety of container-grown crops, from vegetables to bedding plants and cuttings. It offers a good balance of sphagnum peat moss, perlite and nutrients that professional growers rely on year after year.

Sunshine® Mix #1 Natural & Organic

Recommended where high air capacity and fast drainage
are needed: during winter months, with water and salt
sensitive crops or where frequent leaching is required

Sun Gro® Peat Moss Grower Grade Orange

Grower Grade Orange is less fibrous than Grower Grade White. It is used throughout the greenhouse trade
for vegetable and forestry seedling production, plant production, mushroom production and for mixing your
own media.

Sun Gro® Peat Moss Grower Grade Green

Sunshine Peat Moss Grower Grade Green is a screened, short-fiber professional peat moss recommended for any situation when a fine growing medium is required.
It is most often used in the golf course construction trade, for mushroom production, seed starting, and plug