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Image of Technigro Water Soluble Fertilizer 15-15-15

Technigro® 15-15-15 Geranium


Ammonium Phosphate, Boric Acid, Copper EDTA, Iron EDTA, Magnesium Sulfate, Manganese EDTA, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Molybdate, Sodium Nitrate, Urea, Zinc EDTA

Formulated for floral potted crops that prefer a neutral pH, Technigro® 15-15-15 Geranium is recommended for greenhouse growing in cooler months when light is lower. Technigro brand fertilizers are superior water soluble formulas that dissolve quickly and easily in all qualities of water.
  • 25 lb bags (80 per pallet)
  • 5,5 pies cúbicos (18 / paleta)