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Update on E -Values of Sun Gro Growing Media

In the last issue of the Sun Gro’er, we introduced the concept of the E-value. It was devised to help answer the common horticultural question: “How quickly will a mix dry out?” The E-value measurement summarizes the duration of time it takes for a mix to dry down in a controlled environment. Rather than just giving “snapshot” information on air and water porosity immediately after saturation, as traditional physical property measures do, the goal of the E-value is to provide information on how a mix performs over time by using a single number (the higher the number the wetter the mix over time) that considers many physical property measurements. –Todd Cavins
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E Value: Find the Best Match Mix for Your Production Needs

As Technical Specialists, one of the common questions we receive is: “What is the best mix for me?” Of course everyone has unique wants and needs for a mix, but it’s our job to recommend one that will best fit a particular growing situation. We have to consider mix performance, plant nutrition, water quality, logistics and cost, then choose from the hundreds of mixes available, so we can very likely meet anyone‘s needs. But sometimes recommendations come with a bit of trepidation, especially when it comes to the mix performance issue. –Todd Cavins
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