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"Dirt and Fert" for Basket Production

Potted plants in Greenhouse
Plants placed above may not receive as much attention as those below. Using CRFs may help avoid nutritional issues.

Interesting how some things don‘t change; hanging baskets are still big business! When you think about it, hanging basket culture is in a league of its own and deserves special
attention. The entire objective of growing a hanging basket crop is different than that of a pack or small pot. The objective is usually to grow big, full, overflowing plants that typically remain in the container. While the objectives for packs and small pots is to grow colorful, compact plants that are proportioned to the pot. When it comes to soilless media for hanging baskets, the initial challenges are to avoid keeping it too wet, depending on the production program employed. Thereafter, when plants are full and sized up, the major challenges are always moisture supply and weight.
–Rick Vetanovetz, Dan Jacques, Mark Thomas and Ron Walden
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Biocontrol Products for Growing Media

Biological fungicides are a group of biocontrol products that have been used in the greenhouse industry for years. They have been increasing in use and popularity, not only because of their observed effectiveness in preventing disease, but also due to their less restrictive application and REI requirements. There is also a perceived desirable impact on the environment, or ‘greenness’ factor. This article investigates some of the more promising biocontrol products that relate to growing media.
–Rick Vetanovetz and Mark Thomas
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The Storage and Handling of Sun Gro Products

It has always been Sun Gro’s policy, as the makers of Fafard, Sunshine Mixes, Metro Mixes, Peat Moss and Technigro, to produce and ship these products in an environment that is free of toxic contaminants. To that end, we do not keep herbicides or other harmful chemicals in or near our manufacturing facilities and make every effort to select trucks that have not carried any potential toxins, requiring them to be cleaned prior to loading. The same safety measures are also practiced at our distributor and customer facilities. To that end, we offer these storage and handling guidelines and ask for your cooperation to maintain the quality of the Sun Gro products you receive.
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Root Zone Disease Management—Go Biological or Not?

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In recent months there has been a lot of hype in industry journals and trade shows about biological fungicides (BFs). The intention of this article is to provide some background information on these types of products and also to provide some guidance in determining if biological fungicides are right for you or your customers.
A biological fungicide (BF) is a living organism that is used to suppress or control a plant disease typically caused by a pathogenic (disease-causing) fungus. Biological fungicides utilize microorganisms from one of two groups – fungi or bacteria. The most common root diseases found in greenhouse production are Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Thielaviopsis, and Fusarium.
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Sun Gro's Technical Specialists

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Sun Gro has seven main Technical Specialists, three in the West and two each in the Central and East regions. Their duties include Quality Control (QC) work with specific plants, along with providing technical support for specific sections of their region. Technical support includes work with complaint handling, training and custom blends. These are also the Sun Gro staffers who will be providing most of the content for the Sun Gro’er Newsletter. Here is some basic information that will allow readers to get to know them a little better: Continue reading “Sun Gro's Technical Specialists”