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Metro-Mix® 820

A medium textured, well-drained growing mix for hanging baskets
and potted crops

Metro-Mix® 865

A heavyweight mix for perennial growers. Contains a high bark
content for superior drainage and excellent container stability.
Suitable for rooftop garde

Metro-Mix® 838

Our most popular bark based mix is great for a wide range
of crops grown in many container sizes from cell packs to
larger pots

Metro-Mix® 852

The heavyweight mix has a high percentage of bark and has been specifically formulated for outdoor containers and large interior pots. It is also excellent for the production of perennials, roses and nursery containers.

Metro-Mix® 830

A versatile middleweight formula, Metro-Mix® 830 is our most popular bark based mix for expert growers. It is fit for a wide variety of crop plants grown in many container sizes from cell flats to larger pots.

Sun Gro® Peat Moss Grower Grade Orange

Grower Grade Orange is less fibrous than Grower Grade White. It is used throughout the greenhouse trade
for vegetable and forestry seedling production, plant production, mushroom production and for mixing your
own media.