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Metro-Mix® 838

Our most popular bark based mix is great for a wide range
of crops grown in many container sizes from cell packs to
larger pots

Sunshine® Mix #1 Natural & Organic

Recommended where high air capacity and fast drainage
are needed: during winter months, with water and salt
sensitive crops or where frequent leaching is required

Metro-Mix® 852

The heavyweight mix has a high percentage of bark and has been specifically formulated for outdoor containers and large interior pots. It is also excellent for the production of perennials, roses and nursery containers.

Metro-Mix® 830

A versatile middleweight formula, Metro-Mix® 830 is our most popular bark based mix for expert growers. It is fit for a wide variety of crop plants grown in many container sizes from cell flats to larger pots.

Sun Gro® Horticultural Vermiculite Medium, Coarse

A naturally occurring mineral, vermiculite is highly absorbent, lightweight and an essential part of many soilless growing mixes. In addition to increasing mix water-holding capacity, its high CEC helps retain nutrients.

Sunshine® Mix #1 Natural & Organic with Earthworm Castings

The most versatile natural and organic professional mix that growers use to grow a wide variety of crops. Sunshine® #1 Natural & Organic is OMRI Listed® blend that offers a good balance of peat moss and coarse perlite that professional growers rely on year after year. Ready to Gro.